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Publicly appointed, sworn auctioneers Top address for all collection areas since 1980

Before the Auction

We offer you a large selection of objects which you can acquire directly or during our auctions. Our auction offers are listed in our richly illustrated catalogs, which appear nine times a year with total circulation of 35,000 copies. The catalog is available for you to take with you free of charge about one week before each auction.

Ordering Catalogs

A catalog subscription keeps you informed at all times about our entire offer, including, for example, our auctions of objects related to traditional and modern art, antiquities, and jewelry.

Annual subscription: 50 € in Germany and 80 € in all other countries, inclusive of value added tax.

Of course, you can order the auction catalogs by telephone or in writing. You will be informed by us in good time when your subscription expires. The price catalog for the auctions at Albrecht-Dürer-Platz 8 is included with each subscription. For each auction, you can also download the catalog from the internet about 14 days before the printed version appears.

Ordering Photographs

Upon request, we would be glad to send you one digital photograph of any work of art of your choice. Please understand that we have to charge 5 € for each further photograph. Shipment by mail costs 5 € per photograph in any case (Advance payment: cash or in postage stamps).

Pre-Auction Inspection

You have the opportunity to look at the objects to be auctioned in advance of each auction during the pre-auction inspection period. The exact times are stated with the times of each auction.

Seat Reservations

We would pleased to reserve seats for you at our auctions.