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Publicly appointed, sworn auctioneers Top address for all collection areas since 1980


A small history of our auction house – 45 years of experience with art.

Work in an antiquities shop at Albrecht-Dürer-Platz 8 in Nürnberg

In January, Herbert Weidler became an independent merchant for art and antiquities,
purchase and sale of antiquities and miscellany.

First estate auction in Wolkersdorf. The contents of an entire row house were dissolved.

Several household dissolutions:
On 31 October a large art and antiquities auction at Marientorgraben 3, Nürnberg.
Dissolution of a major collector’s household.

Move into the historical building at Geiersberg 4 6, Nürnberg.
Dissolution of a patrician household in Nürnberg.

Beginning of the interesting miscellany auctions with many new collection areas.

Shop opened at Geiersberg 7.

Expansion of our offer to about 1,500 to 2,000 items per auction.
Beginning of special auctions: graphics, jewelry and toys.

First special auction of the German painter and romanticist Prof. Herrmann Gradl with about 30 originals.
Move into the new business premises at Albrecht-Dürer-Platz 8 with about 350 sq.m.
Celebration of 10 year jubilee of Weidler Antiquities.

Auction of the Villa of the newspaper publisher Spandel with about 500 sq.m residential and useful space.
Expansion of the exhibition space by 150 sq.m in the rear building. (UK 5). Auction of an art gallery with
approximately 700 pictures in nearby Fürth.    

Extension of our offer to 20th century art with about 350 consignors and 3,000 items.
Liquidation of the estate of a chief physician in Lohr am Main.

Fifth special auction of the German land-scape painter Prof. Hermann Gradl.
Our offer of art and antiquities reaches a volume of 17,000 items per year. Special auction Africana.

Auction of the contents of the Nürnberg railway station restaurant in art nouveau.
Special auction musical instruments; special auction Rudolf and Matthäus Schiestl.
Herbert Weidler becomes a publicly appointed, sworn auctioneer and expert appraiser.
The first old-timers are offered.

Our branch at Radbrunnengasse 6 in Nürnberg expands our offer.
Old-timers and motorcycles are auctioned there.
Auction of the inventory of the Hotel am Sterntor on 3,500 sq.m. of floor space

Ten auctions per year.
Art / antiquities / miscellany as well as old timers; auction of jewelry in Ingolstadt.
The exhibition space in both buildings grows to 1,000 sq.m.

Auction of the estate of Princess Fürstin Thekla von Schwarzburg/ Thüringen

Auction of inventories of the castles in Walkershofen and Herrieden bei Ansbach.

The auction floor space grows to 1,100 sq.m. A total of some 44 auctions
were conducted outside our auction house were conducted in this year.

Consignments of the aristocratic families von Bissing, von Eschwege, von Schwerin and others;
Kathrin and Kerstin Weidler become auctioneers.
First auction in the name and on order of Deutsche Post.

10 auctions art / antiquities / miscellany and others;
40 household auctions and the like.
Appearance on Stern TV as guest of Günther Jauch.

25th jubilee of auctions at Auction House Weidler;
first auction for Deutsche Post in Wuppertal.
Auction in the former hunting lodge of the family von Thurn & Taxis.

Auction at the festival of the toy manufacturer Ernst Paul Lehmann;
50 estate, house-hold and inventory auctions, amount others, for example, in Wilhelmshaven.

Establishment of the auctions for Deutsche Post (six times a year);
special auctions for Egyptian art, auction in the patrician Schübelsberg castle.

Auction of the contents of the “Nürnberg Geisterhaus” [spooked house]

First auction of undeliverable air freight for DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH;
30 year jubilee of auctions at Auction House Weidler.

1,600th auction: auction of a collection of Kryvolap pictures.

1,700th auction: Cucuel pictures auctioned.
Auction / dissolution of the Virnich estate.
Virnich was once the owner of the toy store in Nürnberg with the same name.

Dissolution of a collector’s household with a 15th century wedding retable for 110,000 €.
Oil painting Bernard BUFFET auctioned for 35,000 €.

April: Kathrin Weidler becomes publicly appointed & sworn auctioneer.
1,800th auction, estate of Ernst BRETSCHNEIDER.
Estate of a prominent Nürnberg family of entrepreneurs with unusual objects.

April: Kerstin Weidler becomes publicly appointed & sworn auctioneer.