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During the Auction

If thumbing through our richly illustrated catalog and personal inspection before the auction have aroused your interest and you would like to participate in an auction, then the following points have to be observed.

New Customers

If you wish to bid for the first time at one of our auctions, first you have to register. For this, you will have to give us a copy of your official personal identity card or passport.

Bidding Personally in the Room

Before the auction begins, please fill in a bidder card; then you will receive a bidding card with bidder number. This bidding card entitles you to participate in the auction.

Absentee Bids

If you are not able to participate in the auc-tion personally, you can still send us your bid by fax, email or letter. An absentee bid form (PDF) for this is in the internet as well as in each catalog. This form must be filled in by you completely.
Or, you can register online on our website and bid via our online form.

Telephone Bids

You also have the option of participating in the auction by telephone. Telephone bids must be placed in writing. All telephone bids automatically entail a bid of 250 € per catalog item even if the object is offered without limit (“o.L.”) or starts below 250 €.

This also applies if we are not able to reach you when a lot for which you wish to place bids is announced. You will then be called up at the telephone specified by you. We cannot guarantee that a telephone connection will be established.

Hammer Price/Award

The hammer price is the highest bid accept-ed by the auctioneer. After a bid has been repeated three times, the hammer falls to close the auction, meaning this is the highest bid and the object is awarded to the bidder. The hammer can also fall with reservations if the highest bid lies under the consignor’s limit price. Then we contact the consignor and negotiate the bid accordingly. The bid is binding on the bidder in all cases. If the bid is accepted, the buyer’s premium is based on the hammer price.

Buyer's Premium

In addition to the hammer price, the buyer pays the auctioneer a premium of 23.8% (= 20% + VAT) of the hammer price. The amount of the buyer’s premium can also change from auction to auction.


Payment becomes due when the award is made.
Payments can be made in euro cash, by direct debit bank card, or by direct credit transfer to our bank account. Credit cards and checks are not accepted.
Our bank account for direct credit transfers: Sparkasse Nürnberg 
IBAN: DE77 7605 0101 0001 0090 00 BIC: SSKNDE77XXX
Further details are contained in our standard terms and conditions for auctions.
All bank charges for foreign currency trans-actions must be borne by the buyer.